Lecture Notes

Requirements for growth:
  • Temperature
->Psychrophiles (Cold Loving)
->Mesophiles (Moderate)
->Thermophiles (Heat Loving)
  • pH
->Most bacteria, especially important human pathogens grow well in pH 6.5-7.5 
  • Osmotic Pressure
->Bacteria are 80-90% water
->If placed in high salt or sugar solution, cells lose water and cannot grow
  • Oxygen
->Strict aerobe-requires oxygen
  • Nutrients
  • Chemical requirements
->Carbon source
->Nitrogen, sulfer, phosphorus
->Iron, Zinc, Copper

Plenary Session Notes

3D Printers

What can you print?
  • Applications
->Medical Devices
->Medical Implants
  • Extrusion

Input Material:
->Solid Based
->Liquid Based
->Powder Based

There are 7 types of technology

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